170 Avondale

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170 Avondale170 Avondale170 Avondale Side Of House With Added Garage

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  1. On a street with mostly ordinary houses this one really stands out as homey and livable. Love that big bowed window. I’m so happy to hear this one is a Hershey. Looks like someone put cedar shingles on the second story of the back of the house. Hershey would have had long horizontal cedar boards with a natural finish. Maybe the owners will restore it to its former glory someday.

    1. Cedar shingles were installed to better protect the home from ice damage and aesthetically preferences of the architect/ contractor and the owners, changing the color from red to forest green to better contrast with the Medina Stone.

  2. My wife and I have owned the home at 170 Avondale for more than 30 years. Immediately, we removed some hideously overgrown yew shrubs that hid the structure and opened up the front porch to gain a second egress. Later, we built the front walk and used Medina stones to construct the front planters. Upper level ice dam damage was repaired and my brother Mark, who studied architecture at S.U. designed and built 18 inches of eave extension on the upper and 12 inches on the lower levels in the craftsman style. The massive chimney saved the house in 2017 when a windstorm blew the neighbor’s 60 foot arbor vitae onto it! WE love this house!

    1. Graig, I was in your home many times as kid. I grew up in that area and made friends with Nancy the owners daughter. It was so unusual compared to any other home I ever visited.The owners meticulously maintained that property and were very proud of it. The trim was pink in the sixties and beyond. Thanks for sharing!

      1. We are ready to downsize and a neighbor is preparing a generous offer for it . We will miss our home, it has served us well as a place to raise 4 boys.

  3. Hi, Craig, & Jeanne,
    I am just now learning about the Hershey houses. 170 Avondale Road in Irondequoit stands out as I started out at 55 Avondale Road. I was 8 years old when we moved from Avondale Rd to Brighton in 1959 but I clearly remember 170 Avondale Rd. I was only about 6 years old . btw, Cal Ripken,Jr moved in across the street (after I moved) but we played sandlot softball in the church parking lot at the corner of Culver Rd.

    1. My wife thinks the layout is unusual. I find it quite practical. With a medium sized insert the home can be kept warm at outside temps below 30f despite single pane windows. Upstairs now has aluminum clad casement windows.

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