Don Hershey Quotes

“The young architects today – as educated as they are and as bright as they are, should soon respect the past. As educated as they were and as bright as they were – correspondingly accomplished much more, with less!? Therefore, when I observe those tremendous past accomplishments I become humble indeed and try to improve where they left off – and I began practice.”
– D.H. 1936

“He who seeks to prove himself wiser (or better) than his fellow men tends to hide a complex built of glass.”
– D. Hershey 1964

“To give is to receive!”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“Happiness id giving! Especially when you’re not looking for a return!”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“Yes! The family is first! But let’s not be selfish!”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“Give as you feel – no one can tell you better!”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“Never give with regret – for there you declare your weaknesses.”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“A good giver is a God giver. He never wishes a return!”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“Give freely and you will so benefit. A weak giver cannot so benefit.”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“I give on the merit system, accordingly.”
– D. Hershey 1/25/1971

“Ideals are like stars. We may never reach them but that shouldn’t deter us from doing our best effort (from trying to).”
– D. Hershey 1974

“If one has patience, understanding and compatibility to work with his client and fellow men – then uses his imagination and creative ability to size up the project and be able to delineate it for all to understand, so as to finally consummate it, then he’s destined to become a good architect of creditability.”
– Don Hershey 4/27/79 (year of stroke)

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