277 Dunrovin

This home went on the market August 7, 2013 and according to Zillow sold for $263,000 on Sept. 16, 2014.

Open floor plan with soaring spaces, strong lines, huge slate fireplace, beamed ceilings, large windows for views of nature, multi level living spaces and large overhangs. Original cabinetry and built ins. Kitchen has teak cabinets. (excerpt from Zillow)

(Click on the thumbnails for enlargements.)

277dunrovinlookingdownstairs277dunrovinfirepplace kitchen




livingrroom277dunrovinliviingroomporch 277dunrovinmasterbedroom 277dunrovinbedroom2 277dunrovinbedroom1277dunrovinbedroombuiltin 277dunrovinkitchen277dunrovinfront277 Dunrovin in 2003 City Newspaper article by Landmark Society's Chris Brandt

3 Replies to “277 Dunrovin”

  1. What happened to all of the wonderful photos that used to be on this website of Dunrovin? The 277 Dunrovin website was shut down some time ago (the one you are directed to go to in the text above). They were some of the best photos of a Hershey home fairly unscathed by the years. Claudia

    1. Claudia, Thanks for pointing out that dead link. It was created by the previous owners as a sales tool. This home went on the market August 7, 2013 and according to Zillow sold for $263,000 on Sept. 16, 2014. I have posted some additional photos I had of 277 Dunrovin here.

    2. Hi Claudia. My wife and I are the new owners of 277 Dunrovin and the previous owners had the domain name but have failed to transfer it over to us. I still have all the photos from the website though and at some point soon I’ll make sure Peggi gets a copy of them along with the original architectural drawings.

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