New Owners at 44 Parker Drive

Just heard from Jesse Newman, the new owner of 44 Parker Drive. They are restoring it to its Hershey glory. And improving on a great idea by installing Tapered Insulation that adds a slight slope to the roof and doubles as insulation. They glued down a brand new EPDM (rubber) membrane to cover it all up. See the roof project photos above. They will continue to document their restoration project online at @makingitnewman.

Here is Jesse’s note: My wife Nicole and I purchased the Don Hershey designed home located at 44 Parker Dr, in Pittsford back in November. We were fans of Don Hershey prior to purchasing the home, and we were fortunate enough to be in the market when the Parker Dr home became available. Your website is primarily the reason we became aware of Don Hershey and the work he has done in the Rochester area, so thank you for the amazing website and all the work you put into it. 
As you have documented, the 44 Parker Dr home was built on a budget and sadly it was not very well maintained or preserved in its recent years. The good news is, that its current state afforded us to purchase the home and we have big plans to revitalize it.

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  1. Keep us posted with the new work! My husband and I purchased a Don Hershey 7 years ago and have been working on it for some time now! Don’s designs are so great ! We actually looked at your home but felt the $ were too much with all the work to be done. We live at 230 Hibiscus Drive if you ever want a tour. My husband is a wood worker in retirement so he has worked magic! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jim and Helen!

      We would love to come see your home and would welcome you to a tour of ours as well. You can contact us through our Facebook or Instagram account @makingitnewman.

      We have just started the drywall of our house. Doing the renovation ‘all’ ourselves has made the project take longer than we initially had hoped but we are trying to get it right the first time. So far we are very excited with the progress.

      Talk soon!

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