Hershey Home Designated a Historic Landmark by the Brighton Historic Preservation Commission

The  home that Don Hershey designed and built for himself in 1939 in Brighton, NY has been designated a historic landmark by the Brighton Historic Preservation Commission. The news was announced in today’s Democrat & Chronicle newspaper. Below is an excerpt from the article written by Justin Murphy:

The South Landing Road house was built in 1939, just a few years after Hershey established his own practice. It has large rear windows facing a prominent garden, a spiral staircase and rounded walls.

He was going to pass on using stone to save money, but a friend happened to be driving by with a load of Medina sandstone during construction and cut him a deal, according to Lanphear.

The property took a hit when Interstate 490 was built, then expanded. The sound barrier wall is only a few feet from the back dining room window, spoiling the backyard and garden.

Hershey died in 1993. The year before that, his family sold the house to Francine Martella, the current resident.

Click here to read the full article.

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