The House Wasn’t on the Market …

Veronica Mecca-Dahle emailed us this great story about their house at 81 Country Club Drive in Pittsford:
81 Country Club DriveStan and I took a walk to see the ‘Garage Sales’ going on in our neighborhood on Country Club Drive over the summer. We came upon a lady visiting from Massachusetts. (She was visiting her son, daughter in law, & grandkids who live on our street.) She mentioned that she was looking for a house nearby and asked if we knew of any homes for sale, so I casually said that we might be ready to sell in maybe 9 months to a year.

Then she said she was feeling sad to have to move from her contemporary ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ style house in Mass., so I said:

“You just described our house. Our house is that style!” She asked if she could ‘just see it’, simply for a ‘look-see’ … the rest is history. She called her husband to come over, and that was that!

We do believe that God placed us together in that driveway that day; that it was meant to be.

PS. We saw photos of their house in Mass – very similar to our house: a glass contemporary, open spaced ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ style, with flower gardens almost as beautiful as mine 🙂

“I Went to a Garage Sale and Sold My House.” A great book title? ($407,000 – No realtor fees involved.)

– Veronica Mecca-Dahle

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