Canandaigua, NY

This is a listing of some of the Don Hershey homes in Canandaigua, NY. It includes information such as the year it was built, the name of the original owner and other descriptive information. In some instances, there is a link to photos of the home. Just click on the “Photos” link for that home. This is a work in progress so by no means a complete listing. If you know of other homes that belong on this list, please comment here.

Canandaigua Lake
Milt Karz
Passive solar, Bill Wertheid(?) Westheid(?) builder

1122 East Lake Road (Vine Valley)
Paul and Mandy Crookshank
This was the last home designed by Don Hershey per article “They Came to Honor Him”
Here’s the section of the article
Letter from Paul Crookshank to Don

There are other homes in Canandaigua

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  1. I believe our home in Canandaigua may have been designed by Don Hershey. It was built in 1963. I have the name of the original owners (we are the 4th). How can I find out for sure if this was one that Don designed?

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