Rochester, NY

This is a listing of some of the Don Hershey homes in Rochester, NY. It includes information such as the year it was built, the name of the original owner and other descriptive information. In some instances, there is a link to photos of the home. Just click on the “Photos” link for that home. This is a work in progress so by no means a complete listing. If you know of other homes that belong on this list, please comment here.

124 Beckwith Terrace
1934 (begun in the fall of 1933)
First home designed by Don Hershey upon becoming a registered architect.
Thomas and Fay Hargrave
Redwood  house (Louise & Norman Levy, 906 Meigs, later owners?)
Cost to build $10,700
More information

142 Beckwith Terrace
Dr. Arnold H. Donovan
Brick house (Louise & Norman Levy, 906 Meigs, 2nd owners?)

Culver Road
Dr. A.H. Walker
Add & Alter plans (remodel house office)

3027 East River Road
N. Graebenstetter (Grabenstetter)
14623 zipcode, stone, radiant heat in floor & ceiling (copper tubing)
Waterfront Don Hershey architecture and the closest private residence to RIT. 2,036 sq. ft. .33 acres

Goodman Street
Dr. G. Glaser (or Dr. Jerome Glazer?)
Office alteration

Hale Manor Garden Apartments
1071 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY
For Emil Muller, New 608 housing – apartments
Hershey worked with R.E. Van Alstyne on this project.
Blue Ribbon, USA Builders Chicago

Highland Avenue
Fred LaRose
Lilly pond

Highland Avenue (and Council Rock Avenue)
1945 or 1949
Don Cohen

Highland Manor Apartments
905 A South Avenue, Rochester NY 14620 or Mt. Hope
Apt plans

Melville Street
J. Morrison
New House off North Street per Hershey’s notes (but these 2 streets don’t intersect today. Perhaps he was referring to Culver Road?)

Menlo Park (Place?)
Gretchen Dietson (Dietzn)
New house

4 thoughts on “Rochester, NY

  1. We always say we live in Rochester but it’s a Scottsville address. Since finding this website we feel orphaned at being left off your list. Ours is a Hershey ranch built in 1965. We have lived here since 1990 and have kept all the original architect’s plans. Perhaps the Wm Daugherty project on Morgan Rd is mentioned in Mr Hershey’s notebook? We love it yet we are now in the market for something smaller so as you can see on the above website this gem is for sale.
    Ours may be unique as the only horse farm house!

    • Dan & Christy,
      What an amazing place! On 24.5 acres. Wow. The Japanese gardens are a perfect complement to your Hershey ranch with all the windows. And the views. Thanks for sending the link to the photos. Is it all right to use them on the site? Good luck with the sale. It will make someone very happy.

      • Thank you Peggi. It’s wonderful to be included in such a group. If there is a complete list I’d like to see it. If I can help to compile a complete list of Mr Hershey’s homes I would be honored.

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