Here are some honors and awards Don Hershey received in his life. More will be added as we get them.

Architect Named to Contest Panel Don Hershey Named

Design Award from the Rochester Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (from the Times-Union, Rochester, NY, Oct.13, 1980)

Don Hershey, 76, known for his custom residences, received the distinguished architect award. His philosophy, said AIA President John Unger, is, “Build a house around your client’s idiosyncrasies and not your own.” Hershey, who was designing solar and modular homes back in 1945, said, “Young fellas, try out your designs on your wife. If you can design for her, you can design for anyone.”

They Came to Honor Hershey-Brighton-Pittsford Post article, 11-21-84 They Came to Honor Hershey-Brighton-Pittsford Post article, 11-21-84Letter from Friel LumberLetter from Friel LumberDon Hershey received his Degree in Architecture from Cornell in 1928.Hershey Creates Model House for Robert Kahse in Huntington Hills, Irondequoit, NY.Awards List from Obituary Distinguished Rochester Architect Award