This is a listing of some of the Don Hershey homes in Scottsville. It includes information such as the year it was built, the name of the original owner and other descriptive information. In some instances, there is a link to photos of the home. Just click on the “Photos” link for that home. This is a work in progress so by no means a complete listing. If you know of other homes that belong on this list, please comment here.

551 Morgan Road
William Daugherty
Ranch house with horse farm on 24.5 acres
More information plus photos

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  1. Interesting home at 748 Quaker Road in Scottsville: I’ve always wondered if this could be a Don Hershey home. Any way to verify?

    1. I didn’t see it mentioned in Don’s notes but it’s possible to check with the town of Scottsville to see if the records show it to be a Hershey in the building permits. Thanks Jeff. Let me know if you find out anything. Peggi

  2. Sorry for the of topic, but who is the general contact for this site. I have a question on Don Hershey as a result of finding some architectural plans with his name on it for a house that is not mentioned on the site.

    1. Hi Eric,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m interested to hear about the plans you found. What address is it for? You can reply here if you like.

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