Pittsford, NY

This is a listing of some of the Don Hershey homes in Pittsford, NY. It includes information such as the year it was built, the name of the original owner and other descriptive information. In some instances, there is a link to photos of the home. Just click on the “Photos” link for that home. This is a work in progress so by no means a complete listing. If you know of other homes that belong on this list, please comment here.

548 Allens Creek Road
Frederick J. Pfluke and his wife Louise E.
Two story wood frame dwelling with 3.5 baths, 4 bedrooms, 3 fireplaces and a garage. It contains approx. 2719 sfla and is situated on .74 acres.
Fred. Pfluke was a gas engineer by profession.

835 Allens Creek Road (Don’s notes said #594)
Dr. Silas F. Scinta and his wife Anne M.
Medina stone, Rayduct floor, 2.5 baths, 4 bdrms, 2940 sq ft
Received Blue Ribbon award and a Hershey favorite

186 Alpine Drive
Robert E. and Elma Tompkins
Later owner change flat roof to a pitched roof. “My maternal grandparents were Robert E. and Elma Tompkins. It was a flat roofed cement block home with great picture windows, a nice porch, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a 2 car garage, kitchen with pass throughs to the dining room, a laundry/utility room, office and large living room with great built-ins for storage. Even had radiant heated cork covered floors. I absolutely loved this house and have many happy memories there. The new owner made several updates and changed a lot of the original features.” writes Lynda Page.

202 Alpine Drive
Gardner Huff
(not sure about his being a Hershey)

6 Cavan Way
A beautiful wrap around deck overlooking more than 4 acres
Photos and more info

1981 Clover Street (Harley School-Russell Wing)
Bldg #3 (Razed in 1978)

3330 Clover Street
Dr. Robert W. Atkins
On left between Lehigh Station Rd and Graywood Lane. 3685 sq ft and 10.5 acres.  Received Honorable Award. xx (Hershey’s coding).
Steel Roch Prod floor (Wrought Iron)

Clover Street
Mrs Mike Mills
President in property & shopping center. x (Hershey’s coding).

25 Country Club Drive
Jack Frank
Added on some bedrooms and bathrooms to the original Hershey-designed home. (Hershey’s 1979 notes say “Stern bought Jack Frank’s house”)

81 Country Club Drive
Walter Schmid
Jim Erdle was the builder. Cedar exterior and butternut wood in interior, backs up to Irondequoit Country Club golf course. Milt Karz 2nd owner. Veronica Mecca Dahle and Stan sold to Punky and Tom Roger 11/13. Then went on market in 2017.
(Photos were provided by Veronica Mecca-Dahle.)

3575 East Avenue
Alvah F. Stahl
House built for former owner of Rochester Lumber.

3955 East Avenue
Dr. Lou Goldstein
(Listed in Don’s book as a 1962 job)

200 French Road
Merwin Reed
Medina stone ranch. Near the northeast corner of Monroe Avenue across from Pittsford Plaza. It, like some others have been hemmed in by development that was certainly not anticipated.

174 Golf Avenue
Glenn and Norma Mentch
Passive solar, radiant heat (next door home #170 Golf is designed by Thomas Boyde Jr., one of Rochester’s first black architects)
Hershey designed the Mentch’s first home at 80 Wisner Road in Irondequoit before designing their new home at 174 Golf Avenue.

42 Harwood Lane
George Fraley
On a 2 acre lot. (House on market in August 2014 for $425,000. Sold 12/14 for $390,000)

40 Long Meadow Circle
Byron Morgan
New house office

Long Meadow Circle (Drive in Don’s notes?)
James E. Luvalle
Indicated by XX by Hershey (probably refers to prestigious clients he rated between 1 and 3 X’s) – Rayduct floor, Lot 29-B of Long Meadow subdivision

Long Meadow Circle
Wyatt Brummit

Long Meadow Circle
Dave Will & Phil Will

25 Parker Drive
Robert E. Wright (same Wright as LaSalle Parkway homes?)
(Hershey’s notes say Wright House & Addition)

44 Parker Drive
Robert Brown
Was most recently occupied by Jeffrey Owen Jones, Bob Dylans’ Mr. Jones from his song Ballad of a Thin Man – “Because something is happening here/But you don’t know what it is/Do you, Mister Jones?” Read Jones’ obituary by Democrat& Chronicle’s Jeff Spevak here.  Read NME’s obituary here.
Home featured in Quality Budget Houses (1954)

6 San Rafael Drive
Dr. Louis (or David and Jeanette) Goldstein
(David and Jeanette Goldstein got mortgage in 1963.)
Fence & pond

8 San Rafael Drive
Silas Scinta
Ranch, 1 acre lot with pond and fountain. 1957 application for a variance for side setbacks.

25 San Rafael Drive
Bernard (Buz) & Barbara Frank
The Franks hired Hershey to design a house for the lot they owned on Sandringham, but ditched that plan when they found and bought the lot on San Rafael.
Photos and more information
Real estate listing

28 San Rafael Drive
Victor & Janet Salitan
Lot 19
Alteration and addition

San Rafael Drive

San Rafael Drive
Another home on this street?

2 Stoney Clover Lane
Mylin (Duke) Cramer
It’s hard to see the home due to the number of trees but the corner windows and large overhangs are there along with the interesting orientation of the home to the street. It is 3,000 sq ft on a 3 acre lot and has an indoor pool.
View photos and a video tour

4 Stoney Clover Lane
Dr. J.B. (James Barry) Henshaw
2.5 acre lot, 3,105 sq ft.

18 Stoney Clover Lane
Linda and Malcom Irving Glazer
Billionaire Malcom Glazer hired Hershey in 1967 to design this sprawling home for him. It was one of Don’s favorites. And quite large – 5024 sq. ft. on 2 acres. Stone or part stone.
Marked with 3 stars by Hershey in his notes. xxx Hershey code.
From Wikipedia: Malcolm Irving Glazer (August 15, 1928 – May 28, 2014) was an American businessman and sports team owner. He was the president and chief executive officer of First Allied Corporation, a holding company for his varied business interests, and owned both Manchester United of the Premier League and Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

14? Stoney Clover Lane
(Dr.?) Robert Dickerson
(Alteration to home)

110 Thornell Road
Jack Armstrong
Medina stone, 1.8 private, wooded acres, rounded walls, walls of glass bring in nature.