Victor, NY

This is a listing of some of the Don Hershey homes in Victor, NY. It includes information such as the year it was built, the name of the original owner and other descriptive information. In some instances, there is a link to photos of the home. Just click on the “Photos” link for that home. This is a work in progress so by no means a complete listing. If you know of other homes that belong on this list, please comment here.

175 Baker Road (Baker and Valentown Rd)
Donald Alan Hershey (Don’s son)
House & added room over garage. Up on a hill. 4.5 acres.

Lasalle Parkway (1 of 5)
2100 sq.ft. 2 acres

Lasalle Parkway (2 of 5)
2100 sq.ft. 2 acres

Lasalle Parkway (3 of 5)

Lasalle Parkway (4 of 5)

Lasalle Parkway (5 of 5)

1677 Strong Road
Fred Ford
Photos and more info

208 Whistle Stop Road

4 thoughts on “Victor, NY

  1. Hi! I just came across a listing at 1677 strong road in victor which claims to be a Hershey home.

    Researching that home, I came across your website… And I just needed to say a huge thank you for all the work you have put into this site. What an amazing collection of information!

    • Anna, In his notes, Hershey listed a home he designed on Strong Road (no house number) so this is great information to receive. The house number and real estate posting provide so much more information. Thanks for sending this along! I now have it listed in the Victor section of the site. Peggi

      • Do you have any info on the driveway facing exterior design on the 1677 Strong Road House (designed for Frederick Ford)? There seems to be some kind of sun deck along the front of the house, but I’m having trouble reading the older plans that I have. I would like to restore the original design — working on preserving this amazing piece of architecture built into the side of a hill. Just starting to look through other photos and am not finding any similar to this place (yet). Great website!

        • Hi Kate,
          Sorry for the delay in answering you. I don’t know anything about the driveway. I imagine you went to the page on the site with the photos of the house from when it was listed for sale. It looked like a gravel or dirt driveway at the time of the photos. Let me know if you found anything out. And good luck with your work on the house!

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