Tom Hargrave – Original Owner of 124 Beckwith Terrace

From the Brighton-Pittsford Post 11-21-84 article titled “They Came To Honor Don Hershey.” Read the full article here.

Note: There was a typo in the article below. It listed the house as 134 Beckwith Terrace but the correct address is actually 124  Beckwith Terrace.
Tom Hargrave, original owner of Beckwith Terrace

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  1. I own this home at 124 Beckwith Terrace, and throughly enjoyed living there for 24 years. The most distinguishing feature is a beautiful spiral staircase in the entryway. This week it’s going on the market, because I’ve recently moved to another Don Hershey home at 25 Country Club Drive in Pittsford! You could say I really like Don Hershey designs.

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