1890 Clark Road – across from Denonville Ridge

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Hershey received an honorable award somewhere between 1953 and 1961 for his design of this home.
Clark Road

Clark Road

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  1. I have been obsessed with this house since 2017. I went to an estate sale there and fell in love with the house. I wish there were photos of the inside! It is such a unique and cool house.

    1. I used to wash those windows as a teenager on Saturdays. Marge Mueller and her husband Emil were friends of my grandparents. The house back in the 1970s was amazing. The rooms all had different themes that were based on places that the Muellers had traveled to. I was most impressed with the African themed room which was filled with all kinds of art and and animal skins. I was always so impressed with their dogs who never ventured into a carpeted room. Beautiful home and very nice people.

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