255 Esplanade

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Hershey received an honorable award somewhere between 1953 and 1961 for his design of this home.


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    1. Dean,
      Thanks for letting us know that your parents live in this beautiful Hershey home. Did you grow up there? When was it built? Also, do you know who the original owners were (if not your folks)?

  1. This home was built in 1960 for the Plastics Pioneer, Dick Samuels, co-owner with his younger brother Howard (“Howie the Horse”) of Kordite Corporation.

    In 1963 he became one of Rochester’s few multimillionaires when the 2 brothers netted $23MM each (about half a billion in today’s dollars) when Kordite was sold to Mobil Chemical.

    My father, Dr. W..J. Clayton, was Kordite’s VP of Research & Development at the time (he patented the Hefty freezer bag and Hefty trash bag).

    I now own 154 Council Rock Avenue, around the corner. My friends Roz and John Goldman of Pelham Road also knew Dick socially.

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