46 Knollwood Drive

From the Brighton-Pittsford Post 11-21-84 article titled “They Came To Honor Don Hershey.” Read the full article here.
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Marge Gootnick, the original owner of a Hershey home on Knollwood Drive 46 Knollwood Inside Windows 46 Knollwood Side Detail 46 Knollwood Round Room 46 Knollwood Outside Back 46 Knollwood Inside

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  1. I recognized this home while looking on Zillow for information about another
    home on Knollwood Drive; it is currently listed for sale, with a few exterior
    photos, but no interior views. The area around the house is in bad shape,
    which makes me wonder if the property has been allowed to deteriorate.
    That would be a great pity, as Knollwood is such a lovely street!
    Incidentally, I spent many happy days playing in the neighbor’s house nearby
    (Brackett Clark residence) and attended Allen Creek School with some of
    the children from Knollwood Dr. as well as on Allens Creek Rd.
    Thanks for making this website available for us former residents!

    1. Susan, Thanks for letting us know. It sold in Aug 2014 and was put on the market in May 2015. From the photos (showing many trees taken down around the house) and sale description, the current owner is hoping to sell to a buyer who will tear down the house and build a much larger “multi million dollar home.” Very sad. Peggi

  2. This property was sold, the house demolished, and a mansion built for the oldest daughter of the Schottlands (who are wealthy business owners who the new YMCA in Pittsford is named after due to their donation) and her husband and their young family. There was an article in the Democrat and Chronicle in 2018 featuring their new grandiose home. What a shame the existing structure couldn’t be spruced up as brand new and huge seems to be the most recent “necessity” for families.

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