175 Huntington Hills South

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Top: At twilight; Middle: Pond on the home’s grounds; Bottom: Model of Hershey-designed House for Robert Kahse – 175 Huntington Hills South, Irondequoit, NY.

The model of 175 Huntington Hills South is being shown at the Rochester Society of Architects annual exhibit on February 12, 1948. The middle woman holds the roof in her hands. Click on the enlargement and you can better see the wraparound windows throughout the house. Two stairways on either side of the garage take you to the two entryways, each with an adjoining outdoor patio. And it is surrounded by 3 acres of flowers, gardens, a pond and trees. Our neighbors have been enjoying this fantastic home for thirty or forty years.
175 Huntington Hills South
175 Huntington Hills South Pond
Model of 175 Huntington Hills South

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