Article about Don Hershey and Dunrovin in the Democrat & Chronicle

There is an article in today’s Democrat & Chronicle about Don Hershey and 277 Dunrovin Lane. The photo above shows the original light fixture still above the dining room table. This stunning example illustrates the value of respecting the original features of a Hershey-designed home.

Any instance where you have a time capsule home that offers a glimpse into [a particular] era of design, something unadulterated and not remodeled beyond recognition, it may not necessarily be of interest to the broader public. But there is absolutely a passionate minority of architectural afficionados looking for a mid-century Modern home like this one with soaring ceilings, heavy timber beams, a fireplace wall that goes to the ceiling and modern built-in furniture.
– Chris Brandt

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  1. So excited to see how well preserved this house is. And that so many people were interested in it. I hope the new owners are preservationist-minded as well.

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