Don’s Granddaughters

We were very pleased to hear from Don’s granddaughters today…

“As the daughters of the late Bob (and Jane) Hershey, eldest son of Don Hershey, we were so surprised and proud to find our grandfather memorialized with his own website! We were born and raised in a Don Hershey original home at 1807 Clark Road in Penfield. The “Hershey Girls” loved the house our Grandpa designed and built for us with its classic open floor plan, beamed cathedral ceilings, sunken living room and wall of trapezoid windows which brought the outside in.

Whenever the Hershey family gathered in one of our uncles’ homes in the Rochester area or at our grandparents’ home on Landing Road South in Brighton, we were greeted with the same contemporary floor plans and warm finishes for which a Hershey home is legendary. Naturally we thought all homes were built this way! Only when we visited our friends’ homes and moved to other parts of the country did we realize what a unique piece of artwork a Hershey home is.

We are pleased to know that others have found owning a Hershey Home is just as special for them as it was for us. The more than 500 homes our Grandpa Hershey left behind are truly an amazing tribute to the creative man he was and his life’s passion.”

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Lynda Hershey Spalding, Christina Hershey Katsarsky & Karen Hershey Morrell

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  1. How can I find out if my house is a Hershey home? Someone on my street with very similar attributes to Hershey’s style and looks a lot like my house, added a note that this house was not a Hershey house, but similar. Hershey sounds like a very talented and successful architect, so I hope he wasn’t my architect. A lot of his homes that I can see had low pitched roofs which is in my experience a bad design for Rochester, Ny.

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