Award Winning Homes by Don Hershey

Don Hershey received many awards for his home designs:
Don Hershey’s own residence 5 South Landing Road (received Blue Ribbon Award from the NYS Association of Architects Convention, William Kaelber Chairman of Awards Committee in 1949)
Dr. Silas Scinta, 835 Allens Creek Road (received Blue Ribbon Award in 1949)
Ronny McCarthy (for daughter Veronica McCarthy), 85 Crossover Road (received Blue Ribbon Award in1949) (featured in 82 Distinctive Houses from Architectural Record by The Editors, Architectural Record) (also appears in the header of this site)
R.E. Tompkins, Alpine Drive (received the Central Chapter, AIA Outstanding Design Award Certificate in 1949) (and received Blue Ribbon Award in1949)
Milton Kroll, 245 Council Rock Avenue (received Blue Ribbon Award, NYS Central Chapter in1949)

Hale Manor Apartments, 1071 Lake Avenue (received Blue Ribbon Awards at the Chicago Builders Convention in 1950 and was published in Progressive Architecture) (Progressive Architecture named it one of the four best 608 Housing projects in the USA)

The following residences received honorable awards from 1953-1961 (no Blue Ribbons given new ruling):
Robert Atkins, 3330 Clover Street
Milton Karz, 220 Sandringham Drive (apparently torn down and a new home was rebuilt in the early 2000’s)
Emil Muller, 1890 Clark Road
Richard Samuels, 255 Esplanade Drive
Bernard Hart, 381 Erie Steet in Medina, NY

Robert Brown, 44 Parker Drive (Featured in Quality Budget Houses book by Kathering Morrow Ford and Thomas Creighton in 1953)

After 1961, Don Hershey didn’t participate in any award programs but many of the 300 custom residences were on Smith and Seton Hall Tours, Democrat & Chronicle and Brighton Pittsford Post write ups, Cornell College of Architecture and Rochester Society,

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    1. Wrong address: 240 Thackery is the one under extensive renovations that have been going on for close to a year now.

  1. Don Hershey designed and supervised the building of my parents home at 221 Rock Beach Road in West Irondequoit. As I remember Mr. Hershey and my father met as students at Cornell University in the early 1930s.

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