44 Parker Drive in Pittsford

44 Parker Drive in the early 1950'sOur recent car tour of some Pittsford Hershey homes took us by 44 Parker Drive – the former home of Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Jones”. It is so charming – a classic Hershey. It was featured in the 1954 book “QUALITY BUDGET HOUSES, A Treasury of 100 Architect-Designed Houses from $5,000 to $20,000.”

44 Parker Drive todayWe noticed that the current garage did not appear in the photo from that book. But the addition was done to perfectly match the home’s style. A breezeway now exists between what used to be the garage and the added-on garage (see left side of both photos).

44 Parker garage additionNotice the overhang detail and the olive green/redwood color scheme Hershey homes often have. The setting is beautiful. Even though there are many more homes around than in the fifties, the wooded area still retains its cozy charm.
44 Parker breezeway

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