Happy 2014

Dottie at Kitchen Window and Clarence building 145 Huntington Hills South in 1947We moved into a Don Hershey home almost 10 years ago in 2004. The homes on either side of us and across the street are Hersheys as well. We were lucky that our next door neighbor, Leo Pfeiffer, was an original owner and had stories to tell of the building of the homes and of Hershey himself. Because he was still in touch with Clarence Maier, the original owner of our house, we were able to meet and get to know Clarence and his daughters Jill and Jackie. They visited once or twice a year from Ohio and came over to see the progress we had made on our/their home and to share stories (and photos including the 2 seen here) of the building of the house and their time living here. It was amazing to hear these stories from this very sharp man in his 90’s. He made it to 100 and passed away shortly after his 100th birthday.

Daughter Jill in Snow Out Front of 145 Huntington Hills South in February 1958Not long after moving in, we secured the domain name donhershey.com (being web site designers) in hopes of finding time to develop a site devoted to Don Hershey. We researched throughout this period and finally found the time to begin developing the site in June 2012. We have a long list of Hershey homes that we are gradually adding to the site. It’s been great to hear from a variety of people with Hershey stories to tell – owners, former owners, Hershey’s sons, grand daughters and friends, architects and Hershey home lovers. The quest continues.

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