Building a Don Hershey Community

The Historic Brighton lecture on Don Hershey¬†(see previous post)¬†was a resounding success. Don’s sons Ken and Al attended with their wives and shared many interesting and entertaining stories of their father. The event would not have been the same without them! Many people who live or have lived in Hershey homes were present demonstrating the enthusiasm and love we have for all things Hershey – the open floor plans, the huge windows (facing south), the parklike settings, the positioning of the homes in relation to the environment, the vaulted ceilings, the huge overhangs, the built-ins, prairie-style roofs, the use of various woods – cedar, butternut, mahogany, redwood… One of Don’s goals was to have his homes look contemporary 30 years later. Well, in most cases they still look contemporary 60-70 years later!

We will continue to add Hershey homes to the site as we find out about them and add to the information on this site. If you have anything to add, please comment here. We welcome your input! Stay in touch as we will be planning Don Hershey events in the future.

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