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  1. Re: C.Storrs Barrow and Don Hershey Lecture
    Thank you all for a fascinating Architectural Presentation today. So good to listen to the Lecture and to have an opportunity to meet many other Don Hershey Home Owners.
    Having Mr. Hershey’s two sons, Ken and Al, present, to add so many interesting comments about their Father and his dedicated work, made it all the more interesting and merrier for everyone who attended. Very special men!
    Our Home is located on Country Club Drive, in Pittsford. It was designed by Don Hershey, and built by Jim Erdle, in 1957.
    (Many of you saw our Photos of the House in the Album that we brought along with us today.)
    Thank you.
    Mr. & Mrs. Stan Dahle

    1. Veronica, Thanks for bringing the wonderful photos. Let’s all stay in touch as we identify more in the Hershey community. We’ll continue to add to the site. Would you be willing to provide scans of the photos of your home? Or we’d be happy to scan them.

  2. I am writing an article for our local newspaper in Batavia, NY on mid-century modern architecture. One of the homes I was featuring is on the corner of Narramore Drive and East Avenue. I believe it is a Hershey home and am wondering how I might be able to confirm this. The current owner had his name on a piece of paper as the architect, but I am looking for any record that the Hershey family or others might have.

    1. Diana,
      I looked at the home in google maps street view and it looks like a Hershey – the large overhangs, low slung roof, corner windows. Hershey designed a number of houses in Batavia. I don’t have addresses in most instances. I do have names of the original owners of the homes and the date they were built so we may be able to determine if it’s a Hershey by cross-referencing what you know about the house and what info I have.

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