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Don HersheyDon Hershey
was one of the foremost architects in the Rochester, NY area. He designed about 500 homes, and for over fifty years he conceived his plans, executed his drawings, contracted builders and fashioned a few ideas and dreams into someone’s home at a small drawing board in his home on Landing Road.

“Frank Lloyd Wright was my inspiration,” Don says. “I didn’t imitate him, but I’ve always been fascinated by  the  strength of his designs, his hip roofs, open plans, and his use of stone.” (Some of the above is an exerpt from the Eldercraft Newsletter 1982)

Hershey homes were designed to conform to the shape and contour of the lot and were frequently one floor with radiant heat. Many had large overhangs with low slung roofs and an abundance of windows for views of nature. He incorporated built-in cupboards for storage to maintain a less cluttered look. He also frequently used concrete block or Medina stone.

This article prepared by Hershey and the builder about the McCarthy house (see at the top of this page) in Fairport, NY goes into great detail about Hershey’s approach:

McCarthy House article page 1 of 4 McCarthy House article page 2 of 4 McCarthy House article page 3 of 4 McCarthy House article page 4 of 4

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  1. My wife and I just purchased a Hershey home and we love it. We have the original plans and have done some research that we would be happy to share.

  2. Don Hershey’s home at 5 Landing Road South is in the town of Brighton, about a mile from the Brighton-Penfield border.

  3. My wife and I are in search of a Don Hershey home. Do you have a listing of homes he built in the Rochester area? We just missed out on a nice one at 100 Lasalle Parkway. The search goes on…


    1. Jason, Don’t know if you found your dream home yet but since your comment in October, we have added quite a number of houses and the list is growing. Peggi

  4. We have had one for eight years now. Full sets of multiple plans. Brighton Dunrovin Lane. Won’t give number but you wont miss it looks like all the rest

  5. I’ve been enamored with Hershey for years. I want to live in a Hershey! This site is amazing. I just realized that a few houses I go “out of my way” to drive by are Hershey’s!!!
    In fact I’ve been in one of the LaSalle Pkwy homes, always LOVED IT, and only now do I truly know WHY! Thanks for making my sunday!

  6. The picture you posted of Don Hershey also resembles the Don Hershey builder in Claremont, Ca. He built custom ranch style homes in Claremont where he also lived. He was noted for including elaborate custom woodwork and used brick on his homes.

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